Saturday, December 16, 2006

gonna walk and don't look back

I bought The Bali Times today. I usually do, and I never really know why, as there is little usually in there. But it’s all we have, and its getting better.

However I’m pleased to see the bit about the compulsory course in corruption that our local constabulary are being forced to attend. Just to show how important this is to the powers that be, they’ve imported some experts from Jakarta to help. The last bit rather confuses me as I’ve always thought our local lads are rather good at the corruption and graft stuff and wouldn’t need any help. Clearly the brass thinks they have something to learn from the big city boys.

I can see the classes (and you’ll forgive my fractured Bahasa…I’m only up to stage one in my course) now…

“Jalan kaki ke pertigaan tengah….” (walk to the centre of the intersection)

“stop the first likely car or bike (preferably driven by a bulé)”

“tell them they went thru a red light / crossed a white line / didn’t give way”

“ask them to accompany you to the tempat polisi on the corner”

“ask them if you would like to solve this the easy way”….

Obviously, since I don’t want Bali to be seen as provincial, I hope the chaps from the smoke can teach our boys the correct approach, and the best of them, having passed this course can proceed to the Districtjudge 101, or other advanced courses, of which there are many.

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