Friday, July 18, 2008

Hey, you got a tummy ache and I remember / Sitting in the bathroom drinking Alka Seltzer

From the book "20 Common Questions About Islam" by a Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik, which we were given in Penang:


I guess I missed out... all those morning after big breakfasts seemed to have been in vain...........

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I'll sing my song to the wide open spaces / I'll sing my heart out to the infinite sea

This is huge news on the copyright front out of the EU...

Term of protection

The Commission adopted a proposal to extend the term of protection for performers and sound recordings to 95 years. The aim of the proposal is to bring performers' protection more in line with that already given to authors - 70 years after their death.

It not only runs counter to what was their position a while back but also has some fairly interesting twists and turns re: reversion.

The proposal also contains accompanying measures which aim specifically to help performers. The 'use it or lose it' clauses which will now have to be included in the contracts linking performers to their record companies will allow performers to get their rights back if the record producer does not market the sound recording during the extended period. In this way the performer will be able to either find another record producer willing to sell his music or do it himself, something that is possible easily via the internet. In case neither the performer nor the producer would wish to market the recording, the recording would no longer be protected.

One has to wonder what this does to the tracks and material already out of copyright...such as early Elvis..does it return to copyright?