Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Little Higher

I tend to find myself posting here in starts and stops, for no particular reason (work, sleep and that sort of thing) and have a post or two coming after a flurry last week.

In the interim, a couple of MP3s, both house classics and fairly hard to get.

Firstly Fingers Inc (Larry Heard and Robert Owens in this case) with an extraordinarily lovely track from the 1988 album, Another Side (although this is a longer version than the one on that album).

Music Take Me Up

And then the much sought after David Morales dub of a track from the soulmeister, Luther Vandross that only appeared on 12" in 1991. Check the bassline...

The Rush (Morales Vibe Dub)

I'd love to offer a buy option here, but can't sadly...