Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They promise a love of a lifetime / funny thing / then they change their minds

Since we are looking backward, here's a little more.

Once upon a time my wonderful wife, Brigid, was a photographer, for amongst other things, a couple of style magazines in Auckland and contributed to their who and where pages. Thus, in our various archives we have hundreds of negatives and we're slowly developing these. The first of these I've posted to a Facebook group dedicated to the people that used to spend far too much time at Cause Célèbre & The Box...which was actually one club despite the name..or at least a club of two halves.


You can't get to the group unless you're a Facebook member but the album is here. There are many more and we'll slowly scan and tweak those in future weeks, but suffice to say, some are quite incredible and really capture the times.


Once I get these done, I'll bang together a section on my site dedicated to these (many are not club shots but they document an era that is poorly currently notated and recorded online...how about putting the Planet Magazine archives online..Grant? Jason? Russell?).


What really hit me was the number of faces I've not seen for so long...I used to know everyone in these shots pretty well, and of course, a few like my buddy Roseti, Karlos, and the original wild man, Darren Dempsey, died far, far, before their times and are very much missed. RIP guys

Monday, September 15, 2008


But this is vaguely funny nevertheless..from Dutch TV.