Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Extended Play George FM 020305

Unit 2-Sunshine-Happy-1992 Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space-Reach for Me (Long Ass Mix)-Murk-1992 New Order-Waiting for The Siren’s Call-London-2005 Todd Terry-Back to the Beat-Fresh-1988 Beloved -The Sun Rising-WEA-1989 Those Guys-Tonight-MCA-1991 NYC2-NYC2A-???-2005 Arne Weinberg-Arcadia-Frantic Flowers-2005 Ethel Beatty-I know You Care-Uno Melodic-1981 The Untouchables-The Swing Doctor-Strictly Rhythm-1991 Quentin Harris-The Shelter Anthem-Restricted Access-2005 Simon Beesting-Ready for This-CDR-2005 Marco Bernardi-Octogen-Frantic Flowers-2005 Eddie Kendricks-A Part of Me-Gordy-1976 New Order-Jetstream-London-2005 Smith & Mighty feat Tammy Payne-Move You Run (Red and Blue mix)-K7-2000 Jungle Wonz-The Jungle-Trax-1986 Kenny” Jammin” Jason & Fast Eddie-Can U ance-DJ International-1987 Code 718-Equinox (Heavenly Club mix)-Strictly Rhythm-1992 Aardvark-Cult Copy (Carl Craig edit)-Rush Hour-2004 Alden Tyrell-Disco Lunar Module (Prins Thomas & Lindstrom remix)-Clone-2005 Simon-2 Crates-Come Unity-1996 Model 500-Be Brave (FK Vocal Mix)-R&S-1998 Marvin Gaye-Got to Give it Up (full version)-Motown-1977 Dream Team-Love is what We Need (BC Mix)-Freeze-1994 Telex-Moscow Disco (Carl Craig mix)-SSR-1998 Otara Millionaires Club-We R The OMC (12” mix)-Second Nature / Huh-1995....for Phil

You need to ask, who benefits... A Little bit of perspective on the Lebanon / Syria / Israel / USA conundrum at The Agonist:

"Palestine is occupied. Iraq is occupied. Afghanistan, the Middle East, Gulf and the Caspian are seething with US military personnel, pilots, submarines, Apache gun-ships, fighter jets and spy drones. Iran and Syria are being threatened. And yet, it is absolutely imperative that Syria quits Lebanon tout suite, or so goes the White House line. Naturally, the vast majority of the Lebanese want a complete Syrian withdrawal in the same way that Palestinians want to reclaim their land and Iraqis (except those in government suffering from severely twisted arms) want the invaders out. What human being on earth wants foreigners dictating their 'do's and don'ts' or telling them how their country should be run? But there is a fundamental difference between the Syrian 'occupation' and the others previously mentioned. The Syrians were invited into Lebanon in 1976 when the country's civil war was at its bloodiest to bring stability. Over time, this it helped to achieve." more here
The question is, and always should be: who benefits from the assassination of Rafik Hariri? It surely is not Syria...... The neo-con games continue. btw this comes courtesy of Myk Reilly and speaks volumes :)