Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm strong / It's what I need to carry on....

I think this is can almost imagine the contents of the letter

Dear Mr al-Maliki,

Can I call you Al? You may not know me Al, but like you I work for George W Bush and he's told me to write to you. I run a place called Australia, it's like a part of America with a different flag, but everyone knows it's a part of America. We are quite good at you like cricket? Because we are a part of America we have a few soldiers over there as a part of George's big Coalition thingy, doing the odd jobs, cleaning the bogs and the like, leaving the important, dangerous, stuff though to the GIs and the hundreds of thousands of mercenaries George is paying in order to hide exactly how many soldiers he really has has there.

Anyway Al, George doesn't really tell me too much but says its a bit of a mess and, since he really likes the way we handle our black fellas here in Australia, well, he thought I should have a word.....


good on ya mate

John Howard

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Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio

RIP Tony Wilson….you were an inspiration to so many of us…that middle finger raised so high…it could be done