Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I had a little trouble in the home town / Things got funky so I had to leave - right away

The truth is this isolation (because of being nuclear-free) has not been good for New Zealand...

[From US may buy NZ skyhawks, reverse military training ban - National - NZ Herald News]

I scratch my head and wonder in what way it's not been good for NZ. You mean because we were not allowed to purchase those antique F-16As, which, as an aside, Pakistan had already paid for?

You ignorant, arrogant twat..fuck off....

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Sumatran Earthquake

Zakharuddin, 42, a resident of Lubuk Laweh lost his wife, their two children, their home and most of his belongings.

"I found my wife's body drifting by the river," he said matter-of-factly, as he collected clothes from the ruins of his home.

He was out of the hamlet when the quake struck, and had only been able to get back on Thursday.

"My daughter was 18 years old and my son was three-and-a half-years old. They are probably right there," he said pointing to the sticky mud that covered what was his home.

Zakharuddin now lives with his mother in a nearby village.

"I really would dig to find my children, but how? Are there others to help me?"

[From West Sumatra loses entire hamlets under landslides | The Jakarta Post]

A happy wedding celebration in the village of Pulau Air came to a horrific end for 400 people when Wednesday's earthquake triggered a landslide.

'They were sucked 30 metres deep into the earth,' said Mr Rustam Pakaya, head of the Health Ministry's crisis centre. 'Even the mosque's minaret, taller than 20 metres, disappeared.'

[From Villages Wiped Out | The Straits Times]

Indonesia is a particularly poor country and many of these people started with little and have nothing now, not even hope. If you wish to donate, please go here.

It all helps.