Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's a force of habit

It won't last but the Grafton Bridge entry on Wikipedia right now is fantastic:

In January 1980, John Jenkins made history by being the first person to jump of Grafton Bridge and survive. His large ears caught an updraft, and he was blown back onto the bridge. John, a minor personality in Auckland's punk scene, had been depressed for some months, after leaving the band Proud Scum. He said his suicidal tendencies had been encouraged by the band's song "Suicide II", and by his "friend" Warwick Hitler. Apparently John will be making another attempt later this month, in a vain attempt to protest the AK79 revival show.

Young and Tender / I think you're the girl for me

One for the eighties kids..

More to be found at Chad's Facebook, assuming they own you already

And one more in passing...

I love this song. The dub on the 12" is the best track Prince never released, but likely wanted to.