Saturday, September 26, 2009

In the light of 1000 smiles


The Screaming Meemees sound as fresh and vibrant today as they did in 1981 and 1982. They still leap out of the speakers full of teenage verve to a pounding almost martial rhythm from Joh and Peter. Tony Drumm adding the off-true Kiwi vocal and ear for a memorable hook line Jordan Luck would work into a high art. Michael O’Neill – style and guitar – never too little and never too much – punk sting and intent intact – but always so much more than that – finding power in the melody and colour.

[From Mysterex: The Screaming Meemees revisited]

Andrew Schmidt's overview of the Meemees' career is both incisive and honest (as his blog, which is utterly essential reading for anyone with even a passing interest in music from the southern isles).

Did we do 104 gigs in 1982? ..shit....

They were, and I'm biased of course, a thoroughly brilliant band.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Got to know how to pony / Like Bony Maronie

Assuming this is correctly reported, not only is Palin ignorant about much of what surrounds her on this planet of ours, but she can't count either:

He said she shied from discussing U.S. politics, though she did say it had been 10 months since Obama took office and Americans were questioning whether he had made significant headway.

[From Some early exits as Palin woos Hong Kong investors -]

Monday, September 21, 2009

Little men tapping things out / points of view

Paul Holmes slaps tweeting in the NZ Herald and comes across as vacuous and grumpy...

I think tweeting is inane.....

....Whatever tweeting is - and I genuinely don't know what it is - it ain't for me.

[From Paul Holmes : Tweeting ain't for me - Technology - NZ Herald News]

No Paul, inane better describes the substance of 90% of the grossly self-important television you hosted over the past few decades, from The Grunt Machine onwards. If it's passed you by, WTF bother to comment? Or were you just trying to finish something to fill space, as with many of those shows?

I'm a tower full of power with rain and hail...


The failure was traced to an interconnection circuit beneath the Java-Bali straits that officials claim was stuck by lightning resulting in the sudden loss of 100 megawatts of transmission power.

[From Bali News: Bali Suffers a Blackout]

Lost in translation or......