Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We were the children, now we've overgrown

Apple 5th Ave

Just as an aside, and not really relevant to anything, but one thing that caught my eye in 2 ½ weeks in New York was the almost complete absence of the the much touted iPhone.

Sure I know the figures, nationwide, for iPhone penetration, but the device was notably absent in the US’s fulcrum, where the Blackberry is not just dominant, but almost universal.

I felt almost inadequate with my Sony Ericsson K850.

Even down the stairs at the 24 hour Apple store on 5th Ave (where I spent much of the time that I didn’t spend at the 14th Street store or the SoHo store) RIM’s devices were utterly pervasive.

City residents told us of a gap…you buy your kid a jesus phone which, when they reach an age of any responsibility, you trade up from, to something a tad more adult.

And yes, I'm a bit of a slapper, but I do want a storm.....

Flame away acolytes….

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