Saturday, February 21, 2009

Everybody's got to live their life / And god knows I've got to live mine

You know what really pisses me off? No? OK, I'll tell you since you're here. It's people who don't know how to bloody well say thank you!

In particular people who email, Facebook message, or IM me to ask me a question. I get probably a dozen requests for information of one sort or another every week: do you know where XXX is these days; when are you going to re-release XXX; where can I buy XXX; what's the name of the third track on side two of XXX, and so on.

I'm very happy to oblige and I always try to offer quick and friendly information.

Most folks fire back a quick thank you and all is fine. But about 20% don't bother, and, yes, it pisses me off more and more. Indeed, there was one guy a week or two back who asked me a question. I replied. He came back with another, then another and I answered them all. Then nothing.

It's not too much to ask surely, a two word response.

Just sayin....


invent said...

Hey, I totally agree, its not hard to reply with a thank you. I get this a lot at work with request from other work colleagues. Sometimes I'd take up to 20mins finding information they need, and then no response after I take the time to help them out.

P.S found your site completely randomly after searching for a song "p-money, angels" song I heard on Rage (ABC TV).

Kev :)

Simon said...

Thank you Kev : )