Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Step on the gas / And wipe those tears away

Just a moment of irony. The gilded Camel

Having driven from Dubai to Abu Dhabi on Sunday (including being passed by a car, which we were reliably told, was a silver Corvette..solid silver that is), after a meeting we turned around to drive the 120 or so Kms back to the massive construction site that is Dubai.

Abu Dhabi sits on one of the world's bigger puddles of black gold, and we needed to fill up, quite urgently.

Easy? Well, no. The road from AD to D, almost until you reach the Dubai border, has absolutely no gas stations, and thus, stressing, with Greg, who was driving us, employing a shift into neutral on the slight downwards slopes that you encounter on the 10 lane freeway, to save that last few millilitres of gas, we eventually crawled into a packed ENROC station some 35km from Abu Dhabi's business centre.

It just seemed ironic...I guess you had to be there.

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