Monday, February 23, 2009

You can`t do nothing to beat the heat / And if you don`t, you`ll get burned

A half baked Sgt-Major (wow, what a senior military decision maker) who looks like an adult take of the kid from Deliverance, a former CIA Al Qaeda expert (who given Osama's current whereabouts has a hell of a track record), a series of bizarre what-if assumptions about how upset the 'American people' are (forgetting that most of the populace voted for Obama and currently overwhelming supports the man), and Fox are still at it. I guess if this stuff was coming from the left Fox would wail sedition and treason.

Instead I'm just thinkin' 'formerly dangerous nutters'

To be honest, this sort of stuff merely underlines just how impotent these guys, and Limbaugh and Malkin truly are and just how much they really don't get it. I love the fact they can't walk into a newsagents without seeing Obama wall to wall..even on Spiderman. Still, for all that I do wonder just how scary Murdoch is gonna let these lunatics get.

Glenn Greenwald turns on these guys too. Watch the second video on his site. These guys are certifiable.....

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