Friday, September 04, 2009

Let your body groove to that happy happy music

I'd forgotten how fantastic this was:

Dalvanius Prime was one of those very mighty men who you'd never forget if you were truly lucky enough to have met him (as I was quite a few times..I regarded him as a friend and mentor). I have great memories of going, with Murray Cammick, to the filming of some mostly mediocre TVNZ soul tribute thing he was hosting in the mid 1980s. We could see under the stage, and it was sagging badlly under all that bulk, but the sweetness of that voice transcended everything.....

Cheers to P-Money for not only having the sheer creativity to do this, but for reminding me. You can pick up a clean audio of this over at his blog (but I prefer watching it).


Richard said...

Mr Prime rolled into Napier when I was there, mid 70's, a great sight with his entourage, I was too young to see him live, but my dads eyes and mine lit up when saw him... theatre at its best

joe w said...

The world would be a smarter, cooler, and much funnier place if Dal were still on deck. Thanks for the reminder that the waves Maui made still roll on.