Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tell Me / Oh, what can I do?

Three videos that caught my fancy today, the first two resoundingly ancient, and one rather newer.

I'd not seen either of these two Beatles clips before and they're notable firstly for the fact that, unlike most other Fab Four clips, they actually consist of a performance instead of crowd noise with four bobbing mop-tops; and secondly because the performances, most especially from Lennon, are rather good, which runs counter to the oft spoke theory that they were no good live after Beatlemania began.

The first is in Melbourne, on the Asia-Pacific tour that took them to NZ too. The date is June 17, 1964, and it's the first gig back on the road for Ringo after he'd been laid up in hospital with tonsillitis (and was replaced by the now obscure ring-in, Jimmy Nicol).

The second is from the NME winners gig, in Blackppol in 1965. Forget the rest, just look at, listen to, Lennon and McCartney. So fucking cool...

And, slightly more contemporary, Pantha Du Prince , with the vid of Saturn Strobe, from his 2007 album, This Bliss. I love this track. I love this album. He has a new one due.....

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