Friday, January 16, 2009

Back / Caught you lookin' for the same thing

Herein sits an argument against democracy. Margaret has a vote:

Margaret (Bay Of Plenty) No if he can't live by the laws of this country then he should not be here. His behavior should not be tolerated. We don't want these problems tranferred to this country. Israel rather harshly is defending herself from the over 3000 rockets Hamas has fired into Israel over the last year. The problem is because Israel is a country of Christians surrounded by Muslim countries they don't want her to exist. The Crusades in the Middle Ages were about ridding Jerusalem of Muslims. What has changed in almost a thousand years?

[From Do you support the cafe owner's actions in refusing to serve Israelis? - 16 Jan 2009 - Your Views - NZ Herald Blog]


Jake said...

Yeah, the Herald Your Views column is a den of ne'er-do-wells and bigots.

porc-├ępic said...

The Herald Your Views column is a vomitorium for the developmentally challenged.

Bob Daktari said...

I love the herald "your views", a text version of talkback radio and a glimpse into the minds of many of my fellow countrypeople

a sobering place to start ones day