Friday, July 25, 2008

I've got your picture / I've got your picture

I went the gym yesterday. Nothing unusual in that (and since I've mentioned the gym twice in two days I should emphasis that a) I'm quite proud of that; and b) I don't think it's working).

There were 5 Japanese businessmen coming in at the same time. And nothing unusual in that.

After changing into their expensive gym gear (I always feel self-conscious in my AK79 T-Shirt) they all lined up in a row on adjacent treadmills, each with their own cable TV.

Each was tuned to Cinemax and each businessman put on headphones to catch the film about to begin.

Five minutes later they, without a word to each other, all took of their headsets and went downstairs to the weights.

The film was The Battle Of Midway.

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