Tuesday, September 14, 2004

September 33rd from Common Dreams, a succinct take on GWB's presidency.


David said...

very unfair editorial. This notion that the Bush Administration 'did not care' about potential terrorism from the Middle East is disingenuous at best. Yes, the attacks were not in fact prevented, and yes, in hindsight the emphasis on Islamic terror was not what it should have been, but I have difficulty imagining that another administration would have done any better, and quite possilby would have been worse. At least with the Bush administration, the adults are in charge. And the paronoid leftist fantasy that the war on terror is just an attempt to erode (their) civil liberties is akin to the wishful thinking of the ignorant, uninformed protester who hopes to get arrested at an event and thus 'martyred'.

Simon said...

Thats just it David, the evidence shows very clearly that the "adults" are not in charge. Sadly much of America sits idlely by in sheer ill-informed bliss and allows Bush etc al, through a mixture of sheer incompetence and dishonesty to paint another target on the US and in the process facilitate the murder of tens of thousands of innocent people.

How any decent person can rightly consider voting for this man is beyond me.