Friday, September 17, 2004

I've been living with various generations and mixes of "Plutonic", Greg Churchill's forthcoming third single on Darren Emerson's label, Underwater for many months now, and still think it's a monumental piece of soulful techno (in its purest form). When I played this mix on the radio some dude rang and said "its repetitive"...umm, isn't that the point? A truely wonderful record-damn this man is clever. Since I'm talking techno (and isn't it pleasing to see the way this word was reappropriated by the "right" people after being stolen in the early nineties) I'm also totally obsessed (actually I have been for years) with everything Carl Craig has ever done right now. Has this guy ever made a bad record, if so, I've yet to hear it. His music, and his remixes seem to twist, entice, exhaust and drag you where you least expect to go. If there is a genius at work (and I don't know what that word means) in contemporary music, Carl's yer man. Paperclip People, 69, Moxie, Detroit Experiment, I crave the stuff...............very loud

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