Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Tricks In '86: The 12" Singles

The techno mafia

Back in January 2006, on this blog, I posted a list of my favourite 12" singles. It was picked up by quite a few other sites, not least of which was the godfather of all house and dance music sites, Jahsonic, and it kinda went around the world, which was a buzz. I them followed it with a list of 7" singles and albums.

The list disappeared into the blog archives and when I changed the URL to my own (from a blogger one) it, along with all the earlier posts, lost all their images..and I was too lazy to spend days or weeks fixing it so I decided to pull this list from the archives and put it more permanently on my site. It can be found here.

I fixed a couple of typos and an mistake or two but it's really as it was, with new images. Enjoy or criticise, whichever turns you on...

The albums and singles will follow at some future stage.

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