Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere / Angel.....

An other extract from the Opinionated Diner archives..this time the 7" list from March, 2006. I've tweaked it a little, mostly just typos and illiterate half finished sentences that crept through. Looking at the original I must've written the last half in some sort of bourbon induced haze (although I've never liked the stuff, but if I apply Occam's Razor to it, I can come up with no other explanation) and the proofing was worse..I have this shocking habit of typing and posting, and noticing some glaring error weeks or months later.

Anyway, read it if you want, laugh at my inclusion of a Wings single if you must, but I make no apologies for any of it:

There is something about the magical seven inch vinyl single, something that the CD single, and the cassingle (which must be the silliest, most useless format least the CD is convenient and usually works as its designed to) could and can never aspire too. Both are unappealingly soulless. The small round, iconic seven inch however, as rough as it sounds sometimes (and that is a part of its soul, the audio shittiness bought on by its intended disposability) defines the pop song and is the philosophical parent of the mp3 in its disposability. Something the record companies still don’t get....

[From Simongriggdotinfo | The Opinionated Diner: The 7" Singles]

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