Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well your teeth are clean / but your mind is capped

Good I surprised though?

The 5,440-meter Suramadu Bridge linking East Java to the arid island of Madura, which was kicked off with much fanfare by the president on Wednesday last week, is now missing 42 maintenance lamps, as well as some assorted nuts and bolts.

The missing lamps were reported by the project’s contractor, said AG Ismail, the head of the National Roadways Operational Agency V.

“In their report, the Chinese contractor said that 42 lamps have disappeared from inside their steel gearboxes,” Ismail said, adding that the items appeared to have been stolen during heavy traffic on Saturday and Sunday.

The missing lamps were not used to provide lighting for traffic on the bridge, but were maintenance lights fixed inside steelboxes on the underside of the structure, he said, adding that the lack of light may hamper maintenance work.

The contractor also reported that hardware had been stolen from railings on the bridge, and signs of cutting were found on some of the cables supporting the bridge’s main span.

[From Newly Opened East Java Bridge Gets Pilfered For Scrap Metal And Used Parts - The Jakarta Globe]

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