Sunday, April 05, 2009

Smoke some kill

"Smoking continues to be the greatest single cause of premature death in NSW and we are demonstrating leadership in protecting children and young people from the harmful effects of tobacco," she said in a statement on Sunday.

[From Tough anti-tobacco laws from July 1 - Yahoo!7 News]

Of course here in Indonesia they've got a groovy new brand, in a fake denim box which, in it's advertising which is everywhere of course, tells the user that the cigarettes will make you look young and beautiful. Still, I guess that's a step up from the ones that say you'll feel healthier if you partake especially if you're sakit (ill) with the flu....or maybe not. Or ones that tell men they make them strong.....seriously.

The joys of being in a nation controlled by a self serving power elite, and bugger the masses. 76% smoke here and there is no tobacco related public health program.

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George said...

Well, no program apart from those ridiculous 'smoke free' areas in DKI Jakarta!