Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gone, gone, gone, down the Autobahn

Yesterday the German music world was stunned by the news that Florian Schneider, their co-founder and an inventor of the "Krautrock" genre, had quit after 40 years with the group.

[From End of the road for Kraftwerk founder - News, Music - The Independent]

Yes, it seems they'll go on, but so did The Clash without Mick Jones..........

Gone solo after 40 years? One wonders how long Florian has been sitting on the ideas that drove him to that. Or, more, more likely, he's over it all. It must be hard to have all that expectation on your shoulders.

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Chad Taylor said...

Florian has been famously bored with touring since Electric Cafe. He shocked the other members of Kraftwerk when he loudly stormed off stage at the end of their set at the Big Day Out, slamming down the lap top lid and stomping into the wings. It was very cool, though, a slammed lap top being the logical evolutionary step from Hendrix setting a guitar on fire and Pete Townshend smashing one up, etc. And he'll still have a more solo potential than, say, Graham Coxon.