Sunday, December 07, 2008

And on the cool check in / centre stage on the mike

There's an election in Indonesia. It's big news and the posters, some quite massive, are everywhere. They have a certain, how shall we say, individual flavour you don't find elsewhere:


Nice jacket and tie:


Why has this guy got red cross-eyes?:


Vote for me or my gangster brother will not be pleased:


Sometimes the guys doing the postering would do well to step back and check their work, either that or they're still laughing about it down at the warung:


Then you have the posters in Denpasar, put up by the guy who was nominated without being asked (by the PDI, who, compared to Golkar, the party of Suharto..its a bit like the party of Pol Pot running in Cambodia..are the good guys) who's running a campaign that says 'don't vote for me or any of these crooks' (I'd vote for him just because of that).

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