Saturday, May 17, 2008

A head of world service / the best of your culture / An evening of fun in the metropolis of your dream

I have two buddies who call themselves Nigel Horrocks. This doesn't confuse me at all as they are very different people.

One used to manage a singer or two, including the wonderful Emma Paki, and owns the house / studio where Crowded House partially recorded Together Alone.

The other used to inspire me for years on the radio with his justifiably legendary jazz shows, and is now the Online Editor and responsible for the dramatic improvement in the NZ Herald's website (just don't blame him for the content, ok....)

This one, and about time, as he was also the editor of NZ's Netguide during it's award winning streak, now has an addictive new-ish blog, nige's random net journey, where he finds all sorts of interesting bits and pieces...witness the Al Green performance on the front page today, or the link to the story about the profile battles between the net giants. I don't have time to find this sort of stuff but it fascinates me so I'm glad someone does.

And on the same tangent, another blog I go to quite often is another mate's, Bob Dakatari (trust me, that is not his real name), whose Daktari's World seems to pull in all sorts of things that I miss, and also picks the best bits of Tom Englehardt's excellent TomDispatch, which for some reason causes an RSS error on my Netvibes. All good stuff for an audio driven lefty....

And, via Bob, I loved this:
No releases will be allowed that are generated entirely by laptop or plug-in. All records should contain at least one certified example of someone hitting something real with a stick, yelling into a microphone, wrapping strings around an object and strumming them. That kind of thing. Documentary proof, photos etc, will be required.
Thanks guys, dunno what I would do without you.

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kiwimarke said...

One day Simon you must get the journalist/jazzman Nigel Horrocks to regail you with his stories of being mistaken for the Kare Kare Nigel Horrocks.
Mark E