Sunday, March 23, 2008

bip, bip, bippa, bip, bip, bip, bippa*

Just another day in paradise…well almost.


I just about side swiped a motorbike the night before last night blatting along the bypass in the newish car (SUV…sorry…but you try wending your way through those-far-from-the-tourist-path forest tracks looking for obscure lava pot manufacturers as we did yesterday, in a Toyota Avanza…I make no, ok few, apologies). They, the close calls, happen more often than I care to think about it simply because of the mayhem on the roads.

The difference this time was that it was uniformed policeman on his Honda. He didn’t blink. That’s an odd thing here, when you almost clip someone on a bike as they swerve unlooking into a road, often under the age of ten or with their whole family on board, there is never a moment of shock, surprise, or a thought given to future safety it seems. No the bike swerves and carries on without a glance. And so it was with the plod on the bike.

But I, on the other hand, was a bundle of sweaty nerves. Imagine bowling a policeman here. Aside from the physical damage I might do to him, imagine the cost, the grinning opportunity that would have presented itself to his comrades. I was shaken and stirred..

It really doesn’t bear dwelling on, so I won’t…

Aside from that moment for pause, yesterday was pretty normal. We drove, as I said, into the hills, sourcing bits and pieces, headed down back roads, some flooded, some rather rusak, others tidak ada jalan, just a winding track...

We saw several men sitting on a crane, seemingly just hanging out, with no safety restraints anywhere…

Crane In Seminyak

We saw a man taking balloons to a party..

Balloon Man

And we realised it was Easter….

Jesus and (?) Mary in Ubud art shop

*oh and the lyrics above? Today I'm listening exclusively to nosebleed techno...

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