Sunday, February 17, 2008

a mind like a sewer / and a heart like a fridge

I find the relentless efforts of the loopy right to continually attack the death toll estimates in Iraq’s bloody last half decade rather repulsive. There seems to be a glee in the way the likes of the Wall Street Journal and other right wing periodicals attack the likes of the Lancet Report. Such attacks are usually taken up rabidly by the often repulsively nutty right wing blogosphere. IMO such attacks seem to underline an implied sense of guilt….look it’s not as bad as they said….they made it up. Myself I find a figure of 100,000 just as repulsive as a figure of 1,000,000. It’s almost not worth commenting on the implied ugliness of the attitudes inherent in the assertions made by the WSJ and their ilk.

However, John Tirman, the man who funded the Lancet survey, has been much slandered and attacked by these scuzzballs and has a right to hit back. He’s done so, concisely and effectively at Editor And Publisher, and in doing so has neatly shown the WSJ and National Journal, and their fellow travellers for what they are.

It’s worth a read…

Also worth reading this weekend, on the same subject, I think, is Patrick Cockburn's perhaps rather more realistic overview of the progress in Iraq than that portrayed by the likes of the White House and Mr. McCain.

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