Monday, November 12, 2007

Everybody had a hard year / everybody had a wet dream

I don’t normally pay much attention to those silly best dressed type lists on E! or in the magazines. Really, who gives a toss and who in gods name are these people?

But I had the recent NZ best and worst dressed list pushed in front of my nose last week, primarily because a friend of mine found himself on the worst dressed list. Look, my friends said, and then I had to deal with his long face…

I found myself rather bemused by the compiler of said lists in New Zealand. Surely it was an arbiter of high fashion, a designer, a style guru, Francis or Denise from World, or someone vaguely credible, or at least with a suitably contemporary eye.

nicenurlichBut, sadly no, who does the NZ Woman’s Weekly ask to supply such a list, sad old David Hartnell, whose own dress sense makes him look like some sort of reject from Liberace’s museum, and a person who must attract his own smirks each time he swaggers his bow-tie down the road. The best dressed list was almost enough. It includes men that our David has clearly placed there because of some sort of self obsessed fantasy about their ill fitting tight shirts. Parts of it are very, shall we say, buffed….

But the one that drove me to keyboard, was our very own Peter Urlich, and his placement by the wannbe noter in the worst dressed list. Now, I have my issues with Peter’s style at times (actually only once, it was the Warriors uniform he worn on stage with Nice’n’Urlich once…no, no, no Luigi…..) but, having known the man well since about 1975, its fair to say that once he got out of those tight Dudes jeans, he’s been perhaps the best dressed male I know. And for many of those years he was seen, and perhaps still is (I’m not there) as a minor fashion icon. I've always looked at his ability to look incredible with rather a green eye.

And as Mr. Hartnell continues to mumble on about a bunch of “celebrities” who have little idea who he actually is, if they ever have, Peter continues to understand more about street style than David ever will and has every year in the 26 odd years that the bizarre best and worst dressed list in NZ has gone to print.

Not sure why I’m wasting my effort on this but Peter’s a buddy…..

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