Sunday, September 09, 2007

have yourself a good good time / a real good time

If there was another reason needed not to sign a record deal with a major in 2007, this may be it:

The music video is shrinking. With the music industry in crisis from falling sales and file sharing, labels have less cash to subsidize elaborate videos that will mostly be seen in miniature on computers. The result has been a major shift in the art form, as artists increasingly embrace the YouTube aesthetic with cheap, stripped-down, low-production videos.

Even your uber-budget pop star fantasies, assuming you have such things, are unlikely to be fulfilled anymore...and that was, lets be real, the only thing a major could offer anymore....

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Rob's Blockhead Blog said...


So now they put the band in a REALLY CHEAP CAR.

Bob Daktari said...

its all about the humble bicycle

as The L.E.D.S video for rumba and Duchess's for Raglan City attest

though I guess at a stretch a real cheap car is simply a bike, eh