Tuesday, July 10, 2007

nai nai / hip nai

Bttls As hard as I tried to get The Battles, I couldn’t. I know it’s critically adjudged as the thing right now, their album that is. But try as I might it sounded like the bad end of ugly mainstream pre-77 prog. We fought running battles in the streets to allow, eventually, labels like Warp to release their edge of the boundary stuff over the years, as they have done (it’s one of the great British labels innit), and then they do this to us.

Ok, they weren’t running battles…more like cozy, smug fireside chats pretending we were staunch, but the point and the end result was the same

But now I get it, almost…I get the snarling DJ Koze mix of Atlas very very big time…very Warp, very bass tugging, favourite record right now.

I just thought I’d mention it.

Oh, and Tiger Stripes' Hooked, and Rekorder 8.1...

I'm allowed to plug oldish records...I'm in Bali, ok.

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