Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm a man with a mission / in two or three editions

My friend Andrew Dubber has a fascinating interview online at Hometracked Amongst other things he says:

The record industry has convinced the world that it is the music industry. It’s not. It’s just one bit of it. The major labels claiming to be the music industry is like the lions claiming to be the zoo. Music business is a wild and interesting place where all sorts of different people can make all sorts of different money in all sorts of different ways. But to get the punters in, you need to let them hear the music, live with it, learn to love it and become fans. Then you can have a sustainable and ongoing economic relationship with them.

And if records are the way you want to make your money, just think of it this way: it used to be that you’d press 1000 copies, give away 200 promos, and hope to sell the other 800. Now you can press 1000 copies, give away a million copies and sell the thousand.

He' s right y' the whole thing here, and then tutu over to his site for a copy of his superb online book 2o Things You Must Know About Music Online

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