Sunday, April 15, 2007

From the mountains on down to the sea / Cool cool water keeps on coolin' me

I bought a new camera. Now I can, without one of those clumsy big plastic things, take photographs in the sea, or pool. Thus, I can take shots like the two taken whilst up to my chest in water, below:

You’ll note, I’m no photographer. Not even close...

I was hunting for coral but found only sand and plastic bags.

However like all new toys, the technology, as simple as it is in this case, enthralled me. Boys like gadgets, and I’m no exception. Anything with a reasonably sized manual, a menu and lots of buttons is dandy.

And I do like to snap…my hard drive (s) are full of thousands of (mostly awful) photographs which I assume, like most photography in this digital age, will eventually be lost to a dead hard drive or on obsolete removable media.

I’ve already misplaced god knows how many “saved” CD-Rs of photos and data, in the bottom of a box or some cupboard, across the world. But my dusty boxes of printed snaps from my younger years remain at hand.

Here is another photograph, underwater, for the ages….

Oh, and one of two dogs trying to get away from an owner set on filming them underwater…

I have no idea why I’m posting this…its funny what one does when one finds oneself at a loose end on a Sunday evening after a week of solid drinking.

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