Wednesday, February 14, 2007

at the mercy / who can handle such a heavy load

I’m going to link to Cering again on the Iran story, as an addendum to my post of three days back. This in getting increasingly fascinating, as a key player in the Pentagon repeatedly bucks the administration Gulf-of-Tonkin-isation of the US line on Iran and Iraq.

Remember Seymour Hersh writing about the revolt of Pentagon generals over White House plans for Iran, back in July of last year?
Can you imagine the emails and calls flying between the White House and Pace….it really doesn’t matter what pressure is put on the guy to back down when he gets home, it’s been said…twice. From Firedoglake:
We are now in a Strangelovian bizarroworld where we must count on General Buck Turgidson to refuse to follow orders. Holy Moly.

This is fascinating stuff

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