Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mas que nada / Sai da minha frente (for PU)

Hello 2007....I went to a party in Denpasar, followed by a party in Kerebokan. About 2.30 in the morning I found myself stuck in a macet (traffic jam) in Jalan Legian, stopped at pretty much the point where the 2002 bomb went off....I wasn't worried, I just found it ironic, or at least curious. I had two Americans in the car who are newly arrived in Bali, one of whom, at that moment asked "where exactly did that bomb go off"....there was a silence in the car for while after I answered.... The last couple of days have been spent doing very little in Candidasa, by the sea, or in the sea..... Sadly, I missed the birthday of my very old friend, Peter Urlich, a few days back...50 he was...god, indeed....I've known him since we were both about 17 and he remains one the people I love most on the planet....we met at a party somewhere on the Panmure Ellerslie Highway. He was in a band called Chillum, way before Th'Dudes, and I have no idea why I was there. Happy Birthday Luigi....

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