Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Further to my last post 2 September, 2005 Open Letter Planet E and Carl Craig Supporters Dear Friends, I first would like to thank you for the years of support, the support of my company, Planet E Communications, Inc., and the support of my music. I am so happy and proud to have had a wonderful career making music that I love and to play it around the world. I am reaching out to you today to tackle the issue of unauthorized releases of my material, mainly the Audioslave reedit of my title "Darkness". I'm not happy to see this and other unauthorized releases of my material, including the release of "Poontang", "Intergalactic Beats" and of my remixes. Though it is endearing that fans would be interested in owning this material, the purchase of these releases isn't supporting Planet E and our music at all. By purchasing these releases it gives less of a chance for Planet E to officially present this music in a way that fits our vision, such as Designer Music and various other productions. So friends I ask that you avoid these unauthorized versions. It light of this current release, Audioslave has been kind enough to send me a cd-r of their re-edit, months ago of course, which now gives Planet E the opportunity to release this product as well. We will also offer this release at a price that is as close to our cost as possible. So please consider that we will make this release available a.s.a.p. Please cancel your order or return the unauthorized copies to the manufacturer or distributor of purchase. Also, I ask that you send all information concerning the origination of these unauthorized copies to me directly at ****** so that we may take the appropriate action to stop this activity. Thank you again!!! Peace. Carl Craig Planet E Communications, Inc. I think he means Radio Slave, not the bad US rock band

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