Thursday, April 07, 2005

Extended Play on George 6 April

Kitty Grant-Glad to Know You-Canyon-1983 Style Council-Party Chambers-Polydor-1983 Salsoul Orchestra-Lovebreak-Salsoul-1983 Johnny Dynell-Jam Hot (Mark Kamins Rubber mix)-Atoll-1988 Kriss Coleman-Shine (Larry Heard Sunrise mix)-Alleviated -1992 Slave-Watching You-Cotillion-1980 James Brown-No Static (Full Force Def Mix0-Scotti Bros-1988 Earth People-Reach Up to Mars (Martian Mix)-Champion-1990 Kerri Chandler-Inspiration-Freetown-1994 Brian Wilson-My Prayer (Freeform Five mix)-Nonesuch-2005 4 Hero-Mr Kirk’s Nightmare-Reinforced-1990 Common-New Wave (Playgroup dub)-White-2004 Melba Moore-Its a Peach Melba-Moxie-2003 Out Hud-Its For You-!k7-2005 Jay Williams-Sweat-Big Beat-1990 Todd Terry-Weekend-Sleeping Bag-1988 Fast Eddie-Yo Yo Get Funky (Original)-Dj International-1988 Joey Beltram-Energy Flash-Transmat-1990 Happy Mondays -Step On (Oakenfold Stuff It In mix)-Factory-1990 Kym Mazelle-Useless-Syncopate-1988 Robert Owens-Visions (Morales / Knuckles Dreamy mix)-4th & Broadway-1990 Putsch 79-Cokiane Dub-Clone-2003 Aaron Carl-100%-Planet E-1998 Capricorn-20Hz-R&S-1992 Captain Sky-Super Sporm-Dynamic Sounds-1980 GU-Pulp Fiction-White-1996 LL Cool J-I’m Bad-Def Jam -1985 Mantronix -Ladies-Sleeping Bag-1986 Culture Club-Church of The Poison Mind-Virgin-1983

no EP for next four weeks.......

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