Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Extended Play George FM 020305

Unit 2-Sunshine-Happy-1992 Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space-Reach for Me (Long Ass Mix)-Murk-1992 New Order-Waiting for The Siren’s Call-London-2005 Todd Terry-Back to the Beat-Fresh-1988 Beloved -The Sun Rising-WEA-1989 Those Guys-Tonight-MCA-1991 NYC2-NYC2A-???-2005 Arne Weinberg-Arcadia-Frantic Flowers-2005 Ethel Beatty-I know You Care-Uno Melodic-1981 The Untouchables-The Swing Doctor-Strictly Rhythm-1991 Quentin Harris-The Shelter Anthem-Restricted Access-2005 Simon Beesting-Ready for This-CDR-2005 Marco Bernardi-Octogen-Frantic Flowers-2005 Eddie Kendricks-A Part of Me-Gordy-1976 New Order-Jetstream-London-2005 Smith & Mighty feat Tammy Payne-Move You Run (Red and Blue mix)-K7-2000 Jungle Wonz-The Jungle-Trax-1986 Kenny” Jammin” Jason & Fast Eddie-Can U ance-DJ International-1987 Code 718-Equinox (Heavenly Club mix)-Strictly Rhythm-1992 Aardvark-Cult Copy (Carl Craig edit)-Rush Hour-2004 Alden Tyrell-Disco Lunar Module (Prins Thomas & Lindstrom remix)-Clone-2005 Simon-2 Crates-Come Unity-1996 Model 500-Be Brave (FK Vocal Mix)-R&S-1998 Marvin Gaye-Got to Give it Up (full version)-Motown-1977 Dream Team-Love is what We Need (BC Mix)-Freeze-1994 Telex-Moscow Disco (Carl Craig mix)-SSR-1998 Otara Millionaires Club-We R The OMC (12” mix)-Second Nature / Huh-1995....for Phil

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