Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Clowntime is Over I wonder how much time and money it's taken for these clowns to parade around south asia spouting stuff about

The opportunity for Muslims to see "American values in action" is a welcome byproduct, he said. "The United States is responding the way it is because this is a human catastrophe," the secretary said at a news conference after his arrival in Jakarta, Indonesia Tuesday. "but I think it does give the Muslim world -- and the rest of the world -- an opportunity to see American generosity, American values in action, where we care about the dignity of every individual and the worth of every individual.
whilst the rest of the world seems willing to help unconditionally, to the US administration it's become a political opportunity, and little else. Was there any real need for bro Jeb and poor old Colin (who's become little more than a comi-tragic figure since he was caught lying to the UN in February, 2003) to fly in to grandstand over the suffering and deaths of hundreds of thousands. Slow to react, until it seemed he had to to save face, that Bush et al have seen the bright side of this is somehow predicable, and, if it wasn't for the horror of it all, there would be some sort of bizarre comedy in their behaviour. but there isn't..... what the US miliary is doing in Aceh is amazing and the generosity of it's citizens, wonderful, but the attempts by the US government to put a tag on it's aid is shameful. Then again what else would you expect.

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