Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The first is from one arguably one of the most talented rappers to ever pass through the West: The D.O.C. Before a car accident destroyed his vocal chords and ended what would have been a career that could have made Snoop seem like a little doggy dogg, D.O.C. was THE Man. Powerful voice, untouchable flow, and just a presence on the mic that towered over the entire NWA posse. "The D.O.C. and the Doctor," was my first introduction to him and it remains my favorite song by him even though he's had bigger hits ("Funky Enough"). It's just how ill the song opens - the thrash guitar, the convo b/t him and Dre, and the explosive: "I'm the diggy-diggy-Doc-ya'll" which is only outdone by the opening to the 2nd verse: "When I hear a BASS drum/I gotta get dumb."
So says Oliver Wang on soul sides. I'm a massive fan of the D.O.C., and the album remains an almost lost hip-hop classic. But Wang is wrong to dismiss the hip house version of "Portrait" as cheesy. I assume he's refering to one of the CJ Macintosh remixes, which came on two uk 12"s, one of which is mentioned here. There were two separate CJs...the red sleeved one already mentioned, and a blue sleeved one with a hip hop and a tougher house mix. I have a real soft spot for the CJ (& Dave Dorrell) mixes of tthe late eighties. There was a rolling charm to many of them and at their best (Roxanne Shante's "Live on Stage" & The D.O.C. mixes) he added something without belitting the original....something rare with UK mixes of US hip hop of the era (as Eric B & Rakim found out). In particular the remix of "Boops' leaves the original in the dust.
I've also just rediscovered CJ & Einstein's electric scratchfest, "The Tables are Turning" on Simon Harris's label, Music Of Life. Hard as hell to find but worth grabbing if it turns up, as one did the other day in the cheapie bins at Real Groovy (where all the best records are).

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